Joy Sirilak 2 Upcoming Lakorns!

Wow, here is something I don’t see everyday news about one of my other fav’s. Joy Sirilak Pongchoke. I’m starting to feel better so i’ll resume everything I was doing. Aka Screencap LOL


Joy Sirilak accepts 2 lakorn at once nad reveals the the time that’s passed it’s not that she has dissapeared anywhere, but it’s because she accepts little work already and on top of she has to take care of her company. Thus causing it to apear as though she has been misssing. Most recently she went on a concert tour in America

I really did accept a singing job out of the country, but not because jobs decreased, but because I accept little work as is. Also it was a oppurtunity to sing. Lately i’ve just kind of hid to make some money . Right now I am back and have accepted 2 lakorns.

After leaving channel 3 Joy Sirilak Pongchoke had the lakorn, “Ruk Nee Khiang Tawan” for channel 7 for her fanclub to admire. After one that one lakorn she kind of kept quiet, but most recently she accepted the lakorn, “Koom Paa Dam” for Media of Media and it’s about to start filming next month. Also Joy reveals that in the past she has always accepted little work in addition recently she went on a concert tour out of the country so it appears that she’s been missing.

“Recently I went to have a concert, I went to America for about a month and a half because there was a group tour already planned for there. It was planned for quite awhile. The event organizer that was a Thai person invited me and around that time I was free so I went. It’s nothing really.”

“Once I finished the last lakorn I was in and the work in my company I had finished up. I had a free time and it was like a vacation period so I thought that was the proper time and said ok. Since there is work in I’ll go do it it’s better. I went just to work; I didn’t really get to go out.”

“It’s not to the point of trying to rake in money stuff like that. The way the economy is right now it’s not like I came back and I’m a wealthy person because right now it’s bad for everyone. So I work and save money at the same time. With this economy it’s best to work and save money (laughs) I’m not rich yet.”

She reveals that the reason she went to work out of the country not because work decreased but because once she returned there are two lakorns back to back.

“It really decreased? Well normally I don’t accept much work anyways so people probably see it differently, but really right now I have one more lakorn which I think will start filming in July. Right now I’ll admit that work for me isn’t constant everything can change at any time.”

“But I consider that i’m doing ok. I have many experience. I can play anyone, anyway, but I don’t want to hope anything because anything can happen and right now I don’t have an agency. I accept jobs on my own. I can play anything that I want no one to tell me what to play. It’s my own personal comfort.”

I’m excited about Koom Pa Dam <3 it’s going to be starring Oil Thana and Yui Jiranan

Source: Manager

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