[Synopsis]Rook Kard/Kom Faek II (Checkmate)

Airing July 20th! Ahhhhhhhhh! Mark your calendars. From reading the synopsis this is going to be just as good as the first.

From the anticipating happiness that was expected
everything turns around
the villain becomes brave and stronger then before
the nation is under fire once again
the brave hero’s must return once again

3 years has passed.. since the disintegration of the Ratsee territory

The land and state of Pon in E sarn appears happy. Garn and Anchan prepares to wed in a quiet ceremony, but of equal to status and love that the two have for one another. Plerng and Tapao both indulge in the love and understanding that they have while Ongard and Krarok prepares to start a family that is warm and sincere.

But the mist of evil is about to develop once again .. without anyone to notice

In the border of the forest between Mueng Pon and Kon Gaen Province someone has come across the body of a young man that is severely injured. His skull appears shattered, his face half burnt from being blown up, and his body severely injured by a flying knife that came from great weaponary skills. Once the police go to take a hand on the incident they must draw back ..

Because this person is Saen Ratsee!


Saen is taken to be healed at Pon’s City hospital. Once he awakes he is unable to remember his horrible past aside believing that he is the best friend of Garn and has a younger sister named Anchan. Once she sees Saen smile, Anchan feels that it is like her good brother the one before that had no bad intentions towards anyone at the least. No one believes in this transformation of Saen. Everyone including deputy Pet Paiboon keeps their eyes on Saen in close intimacy with distrust. Saen returns with severe injuries and facial scars to half his face, but this Saen is not at the slight bit angry at anyone so it appears that his bad nature has been clouded and swallowed along with his memories of the past. Saen says that the scar on his face has created a conscious for him to become a better person for the society of Pon region. Saen shocks the society of Muang Pon even more when he announces to donate his fortune the rest of it to charities before he is relocated to prison. While in prison Saen is able to develop his Kom Faek skills even more to help the region of Pon from a unknown group of villains

In the middle of the city the fighting get’s intense as the villains attempt to rob the city. Saen joins in fighting the leader of the robber gang who was able barely to escape Saen’s Kom Faek. Saen is taken into custody for interrogation once he is asked about his injuries he can only remember that he was injured by someone who has martial skills with all types of weapon especially one secret weapon which is the serpent king flying knife that has never missed a target. This person announces that he will be the most famous in the land and has one important mission and that is to get rid of the 3 hero’s so that he coud lay his carpet towards the road of success.
Saen remembers that this person is Bandit leader Narkrat the leader of Bandit Gang Nakin the same person who had plundered the middle of Pon Region most recently. This means that Pon region is about to be under harms again by a new group of villains .. Robber Gang Nakin. On Ongard’s side he is has returned from visiting villagers as the district chief officer he comes across the intense fight between the robber gang and one man. Ongard fought and saved Wihok Hern Lom a young man from out of town to escape from being hunted by the bandits. Wihok was injured to the point where he fainted in front of Ongard who remembers clearly that Wihok is a junior that went to the same University as he did on top of that use to be very close to him, but Wihok dissappeared without a trace months before graduating.

Once he awakes he denies that he is Wihok Hern Lom the best friend of Ongard, but he is Insightful Person the witch doctor who can foretell of of Itsara nation a small group of people above Thailand. He is able to see and know everything from the small animals language to the big animal language. Once he is asked repeatedly he pretends to see spirits and occasionally pretends to be crazy and funny in many chaotic ways. He is appreciative to the undertaker of Pon for giving him a place to stay. Ongard attempts to make him admit that he is Wihok, but this man continues to pretend that he is a witch doctor that is able to speak to spirits. He also warns that Ongard and his love one will have critical harm to the point of losing their life and they must take good care of themselves. In the end this man uses magic to make Ongard fall asleep and once he awakes he realizes that his medical supplies are missing along with Wihok Hern Lom!


Wihok Hern Lom takes the medical supplies into the forest that the Bandit gang is hiding out and gives it to Poo Gla who is the sub leader of the gang. He keeps it in hopes of preparing for a big war. So the truth is that Wihok Hern Lom is The Insightful Person or witch doctor stationed with the Nakin Gang which had been inherited to him since his ancestors. He didn’t finish school because his father was secretly hurt and killed causing him to have to continue on his father’s legacy. It’s been 7 years since he has taken over for his father. In the gang Wihok often has conflict with Ploy Roong. Ploy Roong is a Thai teacher that no one knows of her past. She had joined the Nakin gang since she was in Itsara region. Ploy Roong looks stressed and and serious with life. She never agrees with healing the wounded and the fun and often crazy acting of Wihok.

After Saen Ratsee’s return not so long ago Pon region has the chance of welcoming a new entrepenuer who is half Thai. Jao Jun Ngao who once reigned the Itsara region on top of Thailand. Itsara region was currently named as not being their own country causing Jao Jun Ngam to migrate to Thailand and build a new life along with owning businesse’s such as a grape plantation, corn plantation, and infinery and many other business’s Jun Ngam is like a new goddess with power of Pon region who gives hope to the people and gives them additional jobs for each position. She is able to win the people’s heart. Many people believe that Jun Ngam is thinking about becoming a candidate for the leader of the E-Sarn region to succeed and continue being powerful from what she already had in Itsara region. Once Jun Ngam appeared in Pon region the Nakin Bandit gang and the Nakarat Bandit gang also appeared along with her. They’ve followed her since Itsara region and came into Pon region to announce their power and announce their attempt to rip apart Jun Ngam’s mask and reveal her true self to the Thai people! They started by robbing her car business which was in the process of importing it’s goods from Itsara Region to Pon region. The Nakin gang believe that the import of goods was drugs that was brought to Thailand in attempts to use it as capital to take over. The two fight intensely and the Thailand police lead by Plerng and Gan goes straight there in attempts to salvage the situation, but it doesn’t turn out as expected. The goods turned out to be herbs just as Jun Ngam had reported it to be.

Jum Ngam gave a statement saying that the Nakin gang was a group of rebels that had followed her from Itsara region. Jun Ngam warns the hero that they must becareful because Pleng, Ong Ard, and Gan already has a price for their head by the Nakarat gang. After the appearance of the Nakin gang it appears that Pon region often has bad events, fighting, burglaries, and murders to the point where peace is completely gone. Pleng, Gan and Ong Ard team up to catch the villains, but it doesn’t do any good because regardless of what they do the Nakarat gang is able to escape everytime without being caught as if some force were helping them Saen Ratsee although he is in jail he is able to be the advisor of Jun Ngam in building profit. Gan watches closely in suspicion because only the injuries to his head can cause a dangerous lion to become a different person. Anchan had told him to look at the world in optimism because her wedding date was drawing near. In her wedding Saen Ratjasee is given special permission to attend because he is the only relative of Anchan that is left.

But in the wedding of Garn and Anchan something happens to shake the heart of the villagers. The Nakin’s Nakarat gang raids the wedding and takes Anchan as hostage. Their wager is to let Jun Ngam trade herself for Anchan because they want to destroy her. Gan, Plerng, Ong Ard, Jun Ngam and Saen teams up to destroy the henchmen of the bandit gang and eventually allowing Garn to save Anchan the woman he loves At that instant around the bridal home of Garn explodes intensely causing the police force that was standing nearby to die. The last explosion is the one that rattles the heart of the Pon region most. The entire Bridal home explodes with Garn and Anchan inside! Plerng and Ong Ard nearly falls while standing with the image they see before their eyes. The bridal home is in complete inferno. Tapao and Grarok cries to the point where there are no more tears with the incident that had happened. Not long after that there is something even more nerve wrecking to rattle the heart of the Pon Region’s citizen heart once more.

The cafe shop of Por Pan and Mae Jae and many other stores in the Pon city are destroyed causing Por Pan and Mae Jae to be severely injured. Jong Arng and Tapao who attempts to help are also severely injured. Plerng who is on his way from the station to go help is also severely injured. 2 of Pon’s hero are severely injured and dead. Ong Ard teams up with volunteer police and vows he must catch the bandits! One night Ong Ard is awaken by someone and goes to see that Wihok Hern is back and stealing more medical supplies. He follows Wihok Hern only to find that Wihok must be apart of the Nakin Gang but with his craftiness Wihok is able to escape. Before escaping Wihok tells Ong Ard that he is indeed his best friend and he will tell him everything once the funeral of Garn and Anchan has finished. He tells Ong Ard to meet him and bring Grarok with him upon the next time they meet after Anchan and Garn’s funeral. After the funeral Ong Ard takes Grarok to the meeting spot and they wait on Wihok til near the time of the meeting. They see a man resembling Wihok in the darkness. Ong Ard is suspicious and walks towards the figure only to be attacked by tens of men!
Ong Ard is taken to the hospital for medical care along side Plerng who is getting better. Once he awakes and find out about the death of his love Ong Ard cries to the point of his tears nearly turning into blood. Plerng promises Ong Ard that he will bring the criminal to justice!  But in that night at the hospital it goes under attacked and the men in masks make their way into the rooms of Plerng and Ong Ard attempting to kill them. While fighting Ong Ard saves Plerng from being harmed by the flying dagger Jun Ngam shows that she is angry for the citizens that their hero’s are hurt. She announces full support into helping arresting the bandits. She uses her personal ties to get Saen Ratsee out of prison because he has the ability to wield the Kom Faek and also because he once fought against the bandit. The good deed that Saen had did makes this easily possible.
In the middle of everyone’s sadness and their shock. Between Kon Gaen and Pon City the Nakin Bandit’s take the body of the hero’s for medical care. The powerful hero’s have not deceased as everyone believes! The unconsciousness of 3 days and then finally awaking of Garn causes him to be really angry and attempts to hurt Wihok who was in the middle of helping him. Wihok attempts to explain, but Garn refuses to listen. Although Ploy Roong attempts to talk to him she is unsuccessful because Garn tells her to move because he doesn’t want to hurt a woman. Poo Gla hears of the commontion and attempts to stop Garn, but because their martial arts are different and Garn knows the martial wielding of the Kom Faek, Poo Gla is unable to substain him. Garn fights his way out of into a remote village and starts wielding his Kom Faek. Garn and the Nakarat leader fight intensely one wielding the Kom Faek and the other using the flying dagger. Once the mask of the Nakarat leader falls Garn has to step back in shock because the Nakarat leader that has the flying dagger martial is not a man but a woman. A woman that has long beautiful hair and a beautiful face! The important thing is that. The Nakarat Bandit Leader has a face exactly like Anchan Ratasee as if they were the same person!

Garn is distracted by the face of the Nakarat’s leader and loses focus causing her to hit him at his pressure point and he faints.

Garn awakes to Poo Gla being a bodyguard for the Nakarat leader. The beautiful leader introduces herself as Piang Fa the leader of the Nakin bandits who have become an enemy of Jun Ngam ever since Itsara Province because they know her really well and knows that Jun Ngam is two faced and in front of people she pretends to be a good person when in reality she is the owner of many illegal business from drugs, illegal weapons, and building up force to take over coutries close by. She has been gaining profits for herself her entire life. Piang Fa denies all of the bad events that has taken place in Pon Region and tells him that it is in face Jun Ngam who has teamed up with Saen Ratjasee to create power for the lion once again. Piang Fa tells him about when she was at Istara province the Nakin gang was lead by her father who was attempting to make peace with Jun Ngam. She was willing, but 3 years ago Jun Ngam found Saen and hospitalized him back and the two fell in love and became one. Saen see’s the prospect for himself and drops the negotiations and kills Piang Fa’s father harshly. Things got intense and eventually Itsara is now owned by foreigners.
Rook Kard Plus 001
Jun Ngam and Saen ran away to the poing where they entered the Pon region, but Saen was accidentally injured by Piang Fa causing him to be found. Jun Ngam returns as the new hope of the Pon’s citizens. The Nakin Gang followed Jun Ngam into the country beause she doesn’t want Jun Ngam to succeed in separating the country as she had once done to Itsara Province. Garn is forced to rest in the Nakin’s hideout without wanting too. This causes him to get to know Piang Fa more and realize that she is not as bad as everyone says she is. In fact she is like the modern day woman version of Robin Hood robbing the corrupted rich people and distributing it amongst the needy. She also helps those who have been harmed by powerful people that recieved back up from Jun Ngam Garn asks about Wihok and Ploy Roong who are willing to be with the Nakin bandits.

Garn also finds that Wihok is also forced into the life because of Jun Ngam. Jun Ngam wanted his father to use his powers to determine the future as Jun Ngam wanted, but his father refused causing Jun Ngam to kill his father and him having to leave college in order to take his fathers place. Wihok joins the Nakin gang to help raise morale. As for Ploy Roong she refuses to tell of her past but Garn knows that she is more then a teacher who is willing to teach poverty stricken children. Her intelligence and abilities make her appear as though she is a doctor. Garn knows that she must have had a horrible past. At the same time Saen Ratjasee is still pretending that he is a good person that has forgotten his horrible past. He also make good deeds so that he could gain the trust of the citizens. Jun Ngam starts to take over people’s mind and beliefs. Jun Ngam starts to take over the villagers by producing certain goods with a new type of drugs causing people to be under her power more and more each day willingly. Aside pretending to be a good person she has put together a group in anticipation for her up coming war to separate the countries into small terrritories that Saen wanted to do but was unable to fullfill.

Once time passed by with the reasons and situation Garn starts to believe the things that Piang Fa is telling him and decides to join with the Nakin Bandits in exposing the dangerous lovers of Pon City Jun Ngam and Saen Rajasee Garn follows and help Piang Fa many times in stealing illegal weapons and drugs from Jun Ngam. With his abilities Garn is able to help Jun Ngam alot. This causes the two to admire and get to know one another more. The two invade Jun Ngam’s and Saen’s nest where they harbored their force. Garn takes on Saen as Piang Fa takes on Jun Ngam. It appears that the good has overcome the bad, But in the end the Nakin gang is attacked by the police force that Jun Ngam had called for back up. Plerng fights with the nakin gangs because he must do the right thing and he meets with Garn attempts to tell of the truth to Plerng, but before he could say anything he has to withdraw. The relationship between Plerng and Tapao appears to have more arguments. Plerng is stressed from work and noticing that the villagers have given up hope on the government and become more dependent on Jun Ngam and Saen. Although he realizes the flaws he is unable to do anything because the two show no signs of doing anything illegal. On top of that Plerng has to be back up for Jun Ngam to help her from being attacked by the Nakarat gang. He doesn’t realize one bit that in fact he was protecting her illegal goods. Jun Ngam and Saen finds out the location of the Nakin gang’s hiding place and on top of that they also find that Garn is still alive and hiding out there. They let Plerng know of the hiding place and he has no choice but to charge into the bandit’s hiding place. Plerng doesn’t agree with must oblige due to his job duties.
Rook Kard Plus 002

Poo Gla sacrifices himself to protect Piang Fa by helping her out of the danger. Wihok’s injuries causes Ploy Roong to have no other option except to show her skills as a real surgeon and she realizes that she cannot lose him because she has grown attached to this crazy person. Once they destroy the Nakin gang Jun Ngam and Saen begin the process of splitting the country into territories once again by getting rid of the only thorn at their side and that is Plerng Gampanat One day Plerng recieves a tip that there are illegal jobs that are being hidden. Plerng arrives and find that it is in fact a nursing home for the elders who were harshly murdered with police weapons. Plerng is interogated based on the matter because the bullets that murdered the citizens came from his gun! Plerng is punished causing Tapao and the villagers to be sad that because a good cop like Plerng is punished just for doing his job. Once they have rid of the hero’s of the Pon city. Jun Ngam and Saen announces their power and their intention to split the country into individual territories. The only good policeman is also told he must transfer within 24 hours. Garn Piang Fa, Wihok, and Ploy Roong sneaks into the city with the help of Tapao and Jong Arng. They all start a war group called Rook Kard to go against the new regime of Saen Ratjasee. In the final war between the Nakarat Bandit and Ratjasee group Garn must use his Kom Faek abilities against Saen with the woman who has the face of Anchan by his side fighting Jun Ngam without any fear at all. The fight this time reveals the secret that in reality Piang Fa is actually the twin sister of Anchan. Anchan was taken by Son who had killed her parents. Son brought Anchan back believing that her twin was deceased. He had no idea that the twin was alive and saved by Naka. In the end the right overcomes all. The society is saved by Plerng, Wihok, Piang Fah once Saen and Jun Ngam is unable to resist the Rook Kard team of the Pon City!

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  1. sajenna says:

    omg, omg this synopsis is so entertaining!!!! i’m so excited!!!! can’t wait for this one to air!!!!!! thanks my love.

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  2. nun says:

    So the new characters are Win, Pang, and May

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  3. fun says:

    I cannot watch any action lakorns. For some reason I find it completely weird. Even with Ken and Vicki lakorn, as much as I love the duo, it was hard to watch. Action flick is not my thang lol well Thai action flick unless it was a movie but a lakorn =( The summary sounds good but I didn’t even pass the first one.

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  4. rOcKsTaR says:

    Fun, I have to agree with you on this one. I didn’t even finish reading it, it’s just TOO LONG. And action lakorn, aren’t my thing… Unless I’m bored out of my right mind then I’ll give it a shot other than that I’ll be waiting for the praise.
    Just like JLR, I wasn’t gonna give it a try but the rating and the praise were so high, summer just started and I just came back from the Land of Angels, being Thailand sick I just gave it a shot. It was pretty GOOD. Excellent acting coming from both actors and actresses.

    But this one will have to wait.

    Thanks Tina!!

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  5. Sammy says:

    Wait, so Ong Ard really died? That sucks that Anchan died. There was no point in that tragedy :( But then again, there never is a point to tragedies…sad face again :( Lol, thanks for the synopsis anyhow.

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