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Pancake Still Hot 2 Lakorns In Cue Continously

I know I said i’d be blogging more now that school is basically over for me, but I forgot my sister is graduating high school next month; there are so many things to do! Gosh, times like these makes me miss middle school. I can’t believe just 4 years ago I graduated from middle school and well on my way into graduating undergrad studies. Boy time sure does fly. Anyhow, here is a shorty on one of my fave gals, Pancake! LOL, I love this chick and will definitely miss her after Pleng Ruk Karm Pope has ended. I think I might even pick up screencapping Pleng Ruk since it’s ended already. I wouldn’t mind seeing Pan and New in a lakorn again together. Also I’m excited for her next two lakorns


She came out to say that once “Pleng Ruk Karm Pope (Love Song Across Worlds)” has finished airing the young leading actress Pancake Khemanid Jamigorn will rest and dedicate her time to studying, but it was said recently that she has 2 lakorns in cue and like this how will she rest?

“After Pleng Ruk Karm Pope, I currently have 2 other lakorns like “Buang Hong” that I will be playing with P’ Veeraparb and also “Buang Rai Pai Ruk” that I will be playing with P’ Tle Thanapon. I once said that I will break work after Pleng Ruk Karm Pope ends and that I will come back to filming lakorns, but it’s probably not rushed because we are slowly filming it. As for school it’s so-so it’s not really heavy.. nothing serious because I’ve spent 3 years adjusting myself to it. Right now I’m in studying summer sessions and it’s nothing bad. I haven’t abandoned studying .. I am always going to school, but I balance it so that it won’t interfere with work also.”

Source: Daradaily


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