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Dome Finds New Love In Cartoon Intira, “Mia Luang” Actress

Wow, Cartoon? Who would have thought. I have to admit though that she’s pretty cute. It’s weird how her role in “Mia Luang” is considered a popular role for her lol. I have to say that her role was more important in Oil’s and Kwan’s lakorn, Khing Kor Rah Kah Gor Rang.


The handsome god like singer, “Dome” Pagornlam Opens his heart for new love and admits to trying to get with, “Cartoon Intira” for quite awhile. The young Miss Teen Thailand’s heart doesn’t have a owner yet. Full of praises for her Dome says she’s pretty, cute, and on top of that has a good heart. Won’t use the word, “Boyfriend/girlfriend” yet will wait and see for right now..

No matter how he moves and whatever he tries to do all of it is kept under the eyes of fans who follow his actions at all time. For the handsome face singer, “Dome” Bagornlam the latest is he is currently being watched specially for dating and learning the sweetfaced “Cartoon” Intira gaitoowonsoonton the young Miss Teen Thailand who is currently famous for her role in the lakorn, “Mia Luang” with the role of “Nuan” the nanny

As for the sweet love of Dome-Cartoon it was acknowledge and revealed to the core in the press conference for, “Nestle Fitnesse Fit, Fit Your Shape” Concert that was held by 103.5

Reporters asked are you currently trying to get with/flirting, “Cartoon”. The singer responded shyly.

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Dr. Wigarnda In The Form of Pok

Pok Piyatida WoramusikEven if she’s playing the role of the Number one wife in the lakorn, “Mia Luang” where she has a playboy husband who doesn’t take anything into consideration, But Pok isn’t afraid of having a marriage life. We asked her if in real life she were to come across a husband like this what will she do?

The main wife must always withstand?

“Everyone has different reasoning. Some people stand it because they love to the point where they can’t break up and some people stand it for their children, wealth and asset, status, and they are afraid to lose face. There are many reasons, but if you let someone choose for reals no one wants to be in this situation.”

Your viewpoint on love?

“It’s happiness, some people are happy that they are able to take care and some people are happy with one another, some people are happy with sacrificing, just to say.. For me I’m happy with taking care of one another and have understanding and spending our life the way we want to spend it and we understand one another.”

“I’d break up I believe that we all have good in ourselves so what is there to be afraid of. I’ve asked Tak already if in this life will I have to encounter anything like this. He responded no because he isn’t Dr. Aniroot and also I believe that the 7 years that have passed by I couldn’t have seen wrong. If there is anything then there should have been some evidence to see already.”

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Mia Luang Episode 01

I totally forget this is airing today! Dude here are some caps they are semi-crappy because they are from 200 kpbs streaming, but I’ll post some caps just to give a small picture and I’ll probably replace them later with some HQ caps;

Will finish w/ HQ Caps and Descriptions


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[Synopsis]Mia Luang (Main Wife)

Synopsis for DaraVDO’s lakorn “Mia Luang” I believe it’s a remake. The version before this I believe was with Johnny, Ann Siriam, and Benz Pornchita in 1999. I’m kind of looking forward to this one. The storyline sounds a little bizarre lol but bizarre is better than drag lol. It’s airing February 2nd I think. Meaning it will be replacing Plik Fah Lah Tawan I believe. Parts of it I kind of summarize as you can tell it’s a long summary lmao; I was hungry and sleepy too but motivated to finish it and I did! LOL


Dr. Wigarnda Panpargorn marries Dr. Aniroot Sanwit and everyone happily  accepts it and see’s that the two are lucky to pair with one another  because they are equal in looks, fortune, and education. When the two  go on their honey moon to Penang Aniroot repeatedly affirms to Wigarnda  that he loves and cherish’s her. Wigarnda has two close friends which  is Ahnong Narot and Chawee Pen. All of them all have a family and each  person faces a problem that is different from the other.

Ahnong has a husband who is Ponweit who loves reading alot there seems  to be no problem, but this causes Ahnong Narot to be very bored. Chawee  Pen seems to be the toughest problem because Seenart her husband is  addicted to anything that deals with gambling. Chawee Pen is able to  smile in front of her friends because she has high tolerance even if  she is poor. After getting married for not to long Wigarnda and Aniroot  shares the same car and Aniroot takes Wigarnda to the Ministry of  Education before going to work at the University. After Wigarda has to  go do work out of the Ministry often the two start to use separate cars  causing the two to drift further apart. Wigarda and Aniroot is married  for 3 years and have two children together which is Nohrng the eldest  son and Noon the youngest daughter.

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