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Stubborn and Tight Lipped Celebrity Couples

So I was browsing gossipstar; and came across an interesting piece of article lol, “Tight Lipped Stubborn Couple.” It’s interesting how all the couples on their are some of my favorite Stars lmao! Well actually all of them are stars I love to watch on screen lol.

If you are named as a celebrity then you are subjected to being in the attention of the public regardless of what you are doing even until your love life that appears to be something private, but since you are a public figure then there will be people to give you attention; but don’t forget celebrities have feelings and also wants to have love in their life. There are many couples who reveals their dating status and there are some who still tell people their realtionship status is just, “Brother and Sister” then there are those who doesn’t reveal anything regardless of the reason and no matter what pictures and photos leak to tell us the truth of the intimacy and closeness but they still deny firmly that there is nothing going on now let’s take a look at which couple is in the category of stubborn or tight lipped lovers!


Let’s begin with the pra’ek with dark skin, “Por Nattawut” and the pretty face nang rai, “Aey Ponthip” there is news that says they have been dating for many years and no matter what they will not reveal that they are a couple. Even though they don’t have many photos of them going places together, but sources have revealed they have been together for quite awhile, but there are still no signs of them coming out to admit that they are together. They are like many other couples who say that they are like brothers and sister so for right now we will have to wait and see when these two will openly admit they love one another as boyfriend and girlfriend.

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