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[Brief Summary]Malai Sarm Chai (Garland with 3 Men)

A Brief summary of Aom’s lakorn Malai Sarm Chai. Boy does Pang’s character sounds promiscuous in here! I guess they had to balance out the nang’ek having three husbands by having an extremely promiscuous nang rai. At least Pang is the Rai and not Pei! I think I will watch this it has all my favorites in it minus R. Lol I’m glad Pei isn’t nang rai like literally. She would annoy me into not watching this.

The life story of Laorn a woman who has goodness and kindness and as pure as a wreath garland takes a turn when luck would betray her by bringing her to get into situations where she must have up to 3 husbands in her life. The 3 men are different in personality and style. Her first husband is Yot Pluton a happy go party person. He is her first love that shows her the dark side of love. The 2nd man in her life is Tape Ratsak a commanding officer in the military who is strong and stable. He is like the pillar and rock for Laorn, but as luck would have it he would be taken from her. After that she meets Jao Direk or Jor. He is a young surgeon that is handsome in all ways. He is like a magical well that brings her back to life once again.

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Proong Nee Gor Ruk Tur (Tomorrow I’ll Still Love You)

woOT! Another all star cast lakorn for Exact! This time bringing back many veterans. Not only will we be seeing Aom Piyada in this lakorn, but also our hottie Pong Nawat! Waitttttttt! It gets more exciting than that! James Ruengsak and Real Life Wife and Leading Actress Pin Kidmanee will also be in here! Those of you who loved Mod 3G and Pong in “Leh Ratree” Will be excited to find Mod will be in this lakorn, but sadly not together! Urgh! Oh Anuchyd will also be in this lakorn. If Mod and Oh <3 that would make a super cute couple! Also in this lakorn is favorite Nang Rai Peemai Sumonrat who just recieved a very expensive gift from her sugar dad.. I mean momma ;] LOL. Peck Premanut of OIC is also in here ^__-”

*Edit! Omg WTF is wrong with me lately I’ve been mistaking names and everything lmao. James is not Pin’s husband lol. She is married to J Jetrin LOL; Dude that is like the lamest mistake I can make. Once again thanks to Rica for correcting me lol. For some reason that didn’t seem right to me Pin and James and now I know why LOL. I apologize again sorry ^___-” I’ll try to be more careful from now on.


Proong Nee Ghor Ruk Tue is a Love story between Poramin ( Pong Nawut ) and Keawkunya ( Aom Phiyada ) Love couple that want to marry eachother but Putthamat ( Pin Keatmanee ) older sister from Poramin, she misunderstand that Kingkaan, older sister from Keawkunya has a love-affair with her husband Piput ( James Ruengsuk) because of this she had killed Kingkaan and the love between Poramin and Keawkunya have to chang.

Proong Nee Ghor Ruk Tue is a love story between two men, too. And the 2 that accept this role are O Anuchit and Fluke The Star 5

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Additional Pictures can be Seen at the Official sarNworld Thread [[Proong Nee Gor Ruk Tur Thread]]


Artit Ching Duang It Begins

Ugh! I’ve been waking up so early for Ch 3 and Ch 7 lakorn. I totally forget Ch. 5 so this morning I woke up and automatically clicked Channel 7 LOL. I missed the first 5 minutes I think but I’m not sure. This is semi- beginning. Captain is guest stars as Rangsee Who will be replaced by Pisarn Akkarasanee, Bee Namthip is guest stars as Barn Rawee when she was younger, Fang Pitchaya is guest stars as Saeng Laa when she was younger. This is part 1 I guess. The story leading up to the revenge. The 2nd half is when the kids are grown. I’ll do that in a bit.


Saeng Laa: Aunty can I have a herbal inhaler.


Saeng Laa finds out from the front page of a newspaper that the man she loves or was fooling around with has married, “Barn Rawee”

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“Aom and Sunny” Exposed across the net

Ok I don’t know whats up with this but I’m having a hard time believing it’s Aom but then again I’m not naive enough to say it’s not her. 100 percent that is she. Maybe the pictures are cropped, but damn they did a good job lol. Forgive me for the bad grammar on some parts I’m a bit sleepy lol


“Aom Piyada Akkarasanee” use to be in the news about having a relationship with, “Sunny Suwanmethanon” frequently the person herself claims that they never dated and the were never close

“He is someone that I know we don’t really talk but before there were times where we talked some like people who knew each other and called each other to ask how the other is doing back and forth, but we don’t really talk; now we there are times where we call and talk sometimes and tell the other don’t be so serious and don’t be afraid and don’t think much about the news of going to watch and don’t worry and don’t be depress about it.”

And “Sunny” also assures that the Senior star is just someone that he knows thats all and never became extremely drunk over any break ups

“I don’t have any relations with her. From the beginning we were just people who knew each other. These days we use to know each other so of course we know each other am I right? But calling each other we haven’t called. I am living as normal as I always have. We don’t really talk much anyways. Every now and then once in a while we do because at that time there were news occasionaly so we talked some if not that then we wouldn’t have talked because I don’t get involved with others business (laughs)”

The news quiet down and then suddenly reappearing again Aom introduces that she is getting to know, “Ardsara Jootaratnagon” and also there is news that they are about to be engaged; but then there are photos leaked looking like “Aom and Sunny.” Cheek Cheek accompanying one another on a bed appearing close and intimate which opposes the interview that they once gave. The fact of how close they really are and is it the real person let “Aom” go and clear with Aard herself..


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[Synopsis]Artit Ching Duang

WoOt finally got down to summarizing it. I left stuff out because it was too long lol but this is what I manage to write.

After Saeng Laa realizes that she is pregnant she sends a letter to Rang See asking for his assistance. Barn Rawee comes and find the letter first and finds that there is another woman who is pregnant with Rang See’s child. Barn Rawee is afraid that Rang See will bring this woman to replace her. Barn Rawee then secretly goes to meet Saeng La who is suffering greatly. She offers a great amount of money to Saeng La so she could start her life over in return that Saeng La has to get rid of the child in her womb. Barn Rawee pressures Saeng La to where she has no option and even as far as taking Saeng La to the clinic herself. At the same time Rang See is feeling distressed that a fortune teller has told him that the Sooriyartit family line will end with him. Rang See wants Barn Rawee to have a son, but Barn Rawee knows that she is sterile and she is afraid that Rang See will leave her so she keeps this a secret with only Neuang her close servant knows of this


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