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Mon Juntra Full Synopsis!



Sarawaree, is the second member of the three tiger girls gang that works in Siam Sarn printing press. Sarawaree has an older twin sister named Sarasamar. The twins grow up in poor and struggling, because their father saan is addicted to gambling. Their mother Onnut is sickly, and because of their poor status are unable to take her to the hospital. Saan their father doesn’t even acknowledge his family’s suffering. Waree and Samar must take care of one another based on available resources. They have grandparents who re fairly wealthy, but are unable to go to them for help because Onnut ran away with Saan, and refuses to cause suffering towards her parents. However, there is a kind police officer Somboon who helps them through those terrible dark days.

One night Sarawaree went to the gambling house to look for her father like every night, but this night she went to find him in order to get money for her mother’s medicine. Saan refuses to give her money and chases her away because he thinks she is ruining his luck. Waree thinks about stealing her father’s money and running, Somaa a gambler who notices quits gambling and gives Waree money for the medicine. Waree notices that the other gamblers are angry because he won the money and quit. Waree noticed they followed him in order to harm him, and goes to Somboon to request help and saves Somaa to return the favor for his kindness. Somaa is grateful to Waree for saving his life and her name makes a deep impression in his heart. Waree goes home with the medicine and a prayer to the moon to save her mother, but the heavens are cruel. Onnut ends up dying that very same night.

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Some Scenes from Upcoming Episodes.

Notice I only did scenes that involved Bee and Mark or scenes I liked lol. I couldn’t get to the ahem Willing part right now because I had some stuff to do for my parents, but if it doesn’t air in tomorrows episode I’ll post them up by the end of the day! LOL.


After being helped by the employee at the resort Upama (Mark) and Bee is safely on land. Atit, Yardfon, Hatsadin, and Saithip surrounds them with concern

“Bee are you ok?” Yardfon asked concerned
“Both legs hurt, don’t know if they are broken.” Mark responded for her.
Bee remains quiet and Atit is worried about her
“Does it hurt a lot Boo Bee?”
Bee responds with a nod
“All the spark in her is gone.” Hatsadin teased
“Let’s go to the hospital it isn’t far from here.” Saithip suggested.
“That’s a good idea, after we see go to the Drs I’ll take Bee back to Krung Thep. It probably won’t be fun anymore since she is hurt. Fon please gather Bee things together for her also.”
“Ka, Khun Mark (Yes Mark)”
“With Bee in his arms Upama follows Saithip. Bee eyes meet Atit’s for a little bit.”
“Bee is completely quiet, there is no voice or speech from her at all. She must really be hurt.” Yardfon said worried.
“Today these two seem more like a married couple, don’t you think so?” Hatsadin expressed.
Yardfon pinches Hatsadin and turns to look at Atit. Atit is a little quiet because he is worried about Bee and watches as she leaves with Mark.

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I’m Back! Roy Marn Episode 10-12 Spoilers!


Wow! I am glad to be blogging again. I was kind of scared that I would have to give this blog up, but recently my work load has died down (since I don’t really work there anymore) lol. I really have missed I’ve been debating on what to post as my comeback post, but since I have been extremely addicted to Roy Marn I decided why not post the episode spoilers lol. This may already be available elsewhere, but in case it’s not! I forgot how my blog works how silly is that.

Episode 10: October 14, 2011
Sabai Nang (Bee) raises the puppy that Atit gave her and named him “Sunshine.” Upama (Mark) is unhappy and makes a big deal about it, but Bee refuses to listen to him. Mark accidentally runs over  Sunshine killing him. Mark feels guilty over this and buys her a new puppy as a replacement, but Bee refuses to accept it. At the company there is going to be an event and Baramee asks Bee to Dance in the party. Bee works really hard for this party, but before she could get on stage Vimada pours Sarim (Noodles) all over her. Bee still attempts to do the dance and not acknowledge the Noodles that were covering her. Mark tries to lighten the embarrassment, but Bee is to embarrassed and runs out on the party. Mark follows her, but before he could get to her Atit comes and comfort her leaving Mark to watch in a distance. Pramook becomes sick and Maytavee who is feeling better plans on going back to Bangkok. Bee goes for a vacation at Saithip’s resort along with Atit, Hatsadin, and Fon. The group has fun with kayaking and etc. As soon as Mark finds out he follows them there and when Bee finds out she is really upset and secretly takes the boat out on her own. Everyone is worried about her and tries to find her. Mark who is extremely worried goes looking for her and finds her at a rock after she had fell out of her boat in the middle of the waterfall. The two hold onto one another’s hand and Mark is able to save Bee, but suffer some minor injuries.

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Yard Denies Late Night Knock at Boy Pakorn’s Door & Buying Funiture with S

“Yard” refutes claims of going up to “Boy Pakorn’s” room in the middle of the night. Yard admits to attending a work function for channel 3 out of town, but never did such a thing. Yard insists they are just friends, and does not close doors to anyone who attempts to flirt with her. She also reveals that she did go computer shopping with Ace, but that was when they were still close, but right now he is just a Close older brother.

About a year ago there were rumors that leading actress Yardthip Ratchapan and leading actor Boy Pakorn Chatborirak were seeing each other. The two have since then came out to clear that there is nothing, but most recently there were rumors that this pair is becoming sweet for real. Someone spotted the two together at the beach in addition to more gossip that Yard went to knock on Boy’s door in the middle of the night. This caused the leading actress to come out and clear rumors.

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