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2 Mints, but 1 Mark

Reading about this made me think wow really? Mint N looks so sweet! There is no way that she could do such a thing, but then again they say the sweet looking ones are the ones that are secretly fierce. Then again Mint C looks extremely innocent also. I think it’s just a rumor, but then again who would know for sure right? Here is a short explanation of what actually happened. I don’t blame the ladies though, the guy is totally ;] wanna finish that sentence for me?

Is Mark Prin destined to follow in the footsteps of his casanova senior? Most recently there are rumors that Min Natwara was seen with steam blowing out of her ears due to the fact that the man’s side was secretly talking to Mint Chalida. It was up to the point where she put on a villain role and splashed liquor into Mark Prin’s face. This caused the handsome leading actor to come out and clear it swiftly,
“This news I haven’t seen or read yet. My agent came and asked me why is there news like this. At that time all I could remember was that we were just playing. Nong Mint Chalida wasn’t even present. It was a small group of friends who were present we just flicked water at one another and playfully threw ice at each other that’s all.”

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