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Proong Nee Gor Ruk Tur (Tomorrow I’ll Still Love You)

woOT! Another all star cast lakorn for Exact! This time bringing back many veterans. Not only will we be seeing Aom Piyada in this lakorn, but also our hottie Pong Nawat! Waitttttttt! It gets more exciting than that! James Ruengsak and Real Life Wife and Leading Actress Pin Kidmanee will also be in here! Those of you who loved Mod 3G and Pong in “Leh Ratree” Will be excited to find Mod will be in this lakorn, but sadly not together! Urgh! Oh Anuchyd will also be in this lakorn. If Mod and Oh <3 that would make a super cute couple! Also in this lakorn is favorite Nang Rai Peemai Sumonrat who just recieved a very expensive gift from her sugar dad.. I mean momma ;] LOL. Peck Premanut of OIC is also in here ^__-”

*Edit! Omg WTF is wrong with me lately I’ve been mistaking names and everything lmao. James is not Pin’s husband lol. She is married to J Jetrin LOL; Dude that is like the lamest mistake I can make. Once again thanks to Rica for correcting me lol. For some reason that didn’t seem right to me Pin and James and now I know why LOL. I apologize again sorry ^___-” I’ll try to be more careful from now on.


Proong Nee Ghor Ruk Tue is a Love story between Poramin ( Pong Nawut ) and Keawkunya ( Aom Phiyada ) Love couple that want to marry eachother but Putthamat ( Pin Keatmanee ) older sister from Poramin, she misunderstand that Kingkaan, older sister from Keawkunya has a love-affair with her husband Piput ( James Ruengsuk) because of this she had killed Kingkaan and the love between Poramin and Keawkunya have to chang.

Proong Nee Ghor Ruk Tue is a love story between two men, too. And the 2 that accept this role are O Anuchit and Fluke The Star 5

Credit to Jakjaan@sarNworld


Additional Pictures can be Seen at the Official sarNworld Thread [[Proong Nee Gor Ruk Tur Thread]]


[Synopsis]Rook Kard/Kom Faek II (Checkmate)

Airing July 20th! Ahhhhhhhhh! Mark your calendars. From reading the synopsis this is going to be just as good as the first.

From the anticipating happiness that was expected
everything turns around
the villain becomes brave and stronger then before
the nation is under fire once again
the brave hero’s must return once again
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Dum Kham Spoiler

Uh Oh Seem like’s Tuthiya Will Be Set Up ^__-”



Dum Karm Spoiler Pictures



Rawr; Willing Scene; This in this episode Tuthiya was actually intentionally plan on “R-ing”  Nou Dam, but events turn around and it ends up becoming an willing scene

Source: Thairath


Dum Karm Episode 02 Preview


Nou Dam: Today if we aren’t finished we won’t quit and whoever slacks off will get a pay cut

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Dum Karm Episode 01

Ugh; I missed the first 30 minutes lol because I couldn’t wake up on time! But I manage to catch the rest after that here are some caps; I’ll post some caps of the key scenes first and come back later when I get the HQ video to do the rest of the caps;

kdfljhsdlkjdsfds! I hate when I do that .. freaking post most of the caps and then firefox crashes on me taking everything with it! Urgh I need to get in the habit of saving my drafts.. working on re-dong the caps uarhewsdfds! LOL

*Added a few more caps, but still working on it so please be patient! Forgive me for the quality of the images these were all done by live stream! I’ll add translations after I’m done with caps. Actually the live stream quality is pretty decent compared to the one that iptv puts up.. you’ll notice the difference actually the ones in the 2nd half are a bit better.

These are caps from beginning to end – there are some scenes I didn’t do -.-” LOL so if you guys want to see the scenes I missed and translations for them just let me know ty.


Worker: That’s it let’s stop there Boss Nou Dam
Ouch it’s hot too. Just let it go.. This old girl has already lost her strength. Let’s just burn it and get rid of it.
Gai: Seriously Boss Dam; You don’t have the ability to bring it back up.
Worker: We’ve been at it for along time already; it’s heavy… I say we go and get the guys from the next plantation to come and help pull it. Energy of a girl like Boss Dam won’t be able to pull it up. Isn’t it true Gai?
Gai: True.
Nou Dam: You see now? From now on don’t look down and think that women can’t do anything. Know that there is nothing that Nou Dam cannot do.

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Artit Ching Duang Pushed Back

According to the lovely noiki at spicy forum Link the airing of Artit Ching Duang has been pushed back to The 19th meaning Kaew Lorm Phed will have a few more episodes o.O lol


[Synopsis]Darm Karm (Pitched Dark)

Rawr a Pong lakorn! With Tangmo Pattrida, but it’s ok I get to see other people like Pang and Oh. Tangmo actually looks pretty cute in this lakorn. Hopefully I will not be dissapointed. I’m on a role today translating synopsis’s left and right! LOL I’m working on “Por Malai Rim Tarng” I think thats the title but the lakorn with Donut and Chaiya Mitcha atm. I finished up Artit Ching Duang. Now I finished this. Rawr I feel good and back in the blogging game lol. Although I have lots to do still. Ok now the synopsis!


Gale Manee or Nou Dam a young woman in the country region of Loie is shocked when she finds that her father Garm Narm of the region has engaged her to his best friends son since they were children. The person her father has engaged her too is Tudtiya a young bachelor and the only son of Tiwa and Puang Kaew. Tudtiya is perfect in every way looks and family name so he refuse to marry a country girl that he has never seen before and also he has Daowadee a sexy young woman as his girlfriend


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