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Khun Daeng addresses issues from Pinky all the way to Kob

Looks like Khun Daeng has faith in the people she adores. According to her Poo Prinya’s talent is professional? I love Poo don’t get me wrong, but her acting sometimes is a little hard to watch. I actually liked her in Dok Bua Kao with New though. As for the Pook Luk thing as a new channel 7 actress. Really? Lol She is beautiful of course, but I wonder if beauty queen’s are all fit to be Nang’ek.

Khun Daeng affirms that channel 7 lakorn ratings are still good. Even if they lost some actors to Channel 3. She also states that the big project, “Fah Jarod Sai” (The Sky Across all Sands) has the timing to start filming this year. She also confirms that it will be “Tui” along side “Kwan.” Khun Daeng also refuses to speak about letting Pinky go. Her excuse was that she didn’t want to talk about other people. As long as she knows the true reason alone that it’s enough. Khun Daeng also brushes off that, “Poo’s” acting ability has slipped and praises her for being professional. She will also lessen the Villan roles for, “Kob.” Khun Daeng also boasts about preparing to mold, “Pook” as a new leading actress.

After many channel 7 actors and actress slowly moved to stay with Channel 3 starting from Por Nattawut Sakidjai, Pinky Savika Chaiyadech, Nan Bpiyada it appears that channel 7 ratings aren’t doing too good. It also seems like things aren’t looking to good for the channel. Once reporters had the chance to speak with Big Mama of Channel 7 like, “Khun Daeng Surang Prampree” in a show for night gowns and country outfit, “Siam Iyara” which Pook Fontip Watchontragun (Miss Thailand Universe 2553/2010) is preparing to wear at the Miss Universe Pageant. Khun Daeng came out and addressed these issues saying channel 7 lakorns are still doing well. She also states that there is about to be a big project, “Fah Jarod Sai” which confirms Tui Teerapat Satjakul and Kwan Usamanee Waitaiyanon as leads

“Ratings right now are good for every lakorn. As for lakorns with magnet dara’s it isn’t up to the actors, I believe it depends on the producers. Everyone has a chance of being magnet. It doesn’t mean because there isn’t this person then we won’t be able to survive. Popularity/Magnet doesn’t depend on any sole place or person. It is based on every aspects of it, Public Relations, Production, Scripts, and may other things. If you are going to say that channel 7 has made some mistakes thats why the ratings have fallen, then I would have to say everyone makes mistake (laughs) It has nothing to do with it.”

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Kwan talks about charity event rumor

Ok, so we had some Pancake now we have to throw some Kwan into the mix! LOL Anyway, I don’t mind Kwan she’s a great actress I must admit. I never actually said I don’t like her because I am a fan and I did love some of her lakorns back then. It’s just I’m a bigger fan of Pancake. To me it’s no comparison at all. However to fans it’s an entirely different ball game. Let’s see what Kwan had to say about the Charity event!

Falling to numerous days of scandals the latest is the leading actress tinctureberry Kwan Usamanee Waitayanon is being rumoured that her mother tried to jack up the price for a charity function in the Trat Province up to 100,000 Baht (2823.10 USD). Once we saw her at the opening ceremony for the lakorn, “Roy Ruk Roy Barp” for Channel 7 we asked her about this Kwan Revealed,

Kwan Usamanee & Mother“One of the lakorn extra’s came to talk to my mother and told her that I should go to sing and join in activites with citizens of the Trat Province; In which many elders from channel 7 were attending but I don’t know who. Also there was a popular monk who was joining the event. My mother saw that it was a charity function so we went to go help as for the money it’s not up to 100,000 I only got 20,000 for gas (564.62 USD) and for appreciation. My rate isn’t only this much anyway, it’s just that it’s a charity event, but from Trat to Krung Thep (Bangkok) it’s not that far so if my mother was going to call for something mind as well let someone else do it. If you don’t believe me you can ask my fanclub because my fanclub also went. We didn’t ask for any money they gave it themselves. It’s like this I’ve been in the industry for along time and it’s not nessacary to put myself in that type of jeopardy. If you ask if I lost any feelings; no, it’s ok. If it’s a charity event it’s a charity event anything that’s not good then we should overlook it it makes me stronger.”

Source: Thairath


3 Major Lakorn Opening Ceremony DaraVDO

Wow what a big set of dara’s. Sorry if I get some of the name wrong it’s kind of late for me lol. My Lao new years has been great I guess. There is a full months here for us we have Lao new year Keller on the first weekend then Khmer new years in Duncanville the 2nd weekend, Rockwall for Lao New Years the 3rd weekend, To end it we end with Saginaw because it’s always known to be one of the biggest celebration for Lao New Years in Texas. I hear many people drove from all across the country this year for Saginaw. I’m excited a few more days to go! Well it’s Friday since its 1 Am here so just one more night! Then Saturday! Yay! LOL Well back to the topic. Some opening ceremony photos and short summary to what each lakorns are going to be about. The lakorns are Kor Pieng Ruk (Starring: Tangmo & Tle T), Roy Ruk Roy Barp (Aof Chanapol & Kwan Usamanee), Suay Sing Saep (Yui Jiranan & Ouan Rangsit). Please continue to read for short summaries about what each lakorn is going to be about xD gracias!


All In the crowd are dara’s and leading stars that will be in the lakorns included are Kwan Usamanee Waitayanon, Aof Chanapol Sataya, Jeab Sopitnapa Chompanee, Tle Thanaol Nimtaisuk, Jakjaan Akumsiri Suwarnsuk, Tangmo Patrida Patraweerapong, Yui Chiranan Manojaem, Ouan Rangsit Sinanon, Fai Nichainan Fankaew, Tee Wani Chanantatada, Som Tansinee Promsut

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Kwan Usamanee Real Boyfriend?!

Wow this gal really sticks to the headlines doesn’t she? LOL; first off it’s her news about bickering with the manager of a charity event for unpaid work. Now this. Well at least this time it isn’t rumor about feuding with anyone, but her real boyfriend has been revealed? I have to say the fellow isn’t extremely handsome, but he isn’t ugly too. He’s pretty cute in a girly way lol. After reading this I was thinking tsk tsk tsk! Hopefully the person who posted the so called headline about her is lying ;]. I mean I have nothing against the poor girl, but I don’t love her either you know? I am a fan and I do watch some of her lakorns, but I am not a die hard oh I love Kwan, I believe her in this this and that type of fan lol. Anyway let’s get to the topic! Wanna figure out who this fellow is? Then continue to read por favor ;]


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Pancake & Kwan With The Word Fanclub

This is an article that I loosely translated. Everything isn’t entirely translated because I was a little lazy and this was from a few days ago on Daradaily lol I just got back online because I was real busy so I’m posting it now lol ^___-”. I’m extremely energetic today haha maybe because I actually had my breakfast o.O. But another Pancake Kwan news; what’s interesting is that they are being compared to Aum & Kob! LOL. So this is probably one confirmation that Kwan and Pancake will step up to reprise the roles and path that Aum and Kob once took but the question is who will be Kob? and Who will be Aum? and What happened to Pinky? I have a feeling Pinky might as well be Noon because Noon rarely has scandalous news likewise Pinky.  This photo I must say that looks nothing like Kwan -.-” LOL At least I hope it’s just a double because that photo’s not so flattering when up to pair with that of Pancakes btway look to the side for a new poll <— in a few minutes after I post this LOL


Right now the news that people are interested in most are about, “Kwan Usamanee Waitayanon” who is considered to be leading actress with one of the best ratings ever since the lakorn, “Khing Gor Ra Ka Gor Raeng” the prime time lakorn that aired after the news for channel 7. The rating was considered to be the highest while it was on air to the point of being “the country’s champion” thus giving name to, “Kwan Usamanee” for her to be accepted as the number 1 rising actress of the place

After that day Kwan Usamanee became a leading actress that had many work come in regardless of it’s a lakorn or being a presenter for a product.

The leading actress that is considered to be equal job wise and with a fanclub of her own is “Pancake Khemanid Jamiagorn.” The fanclub of Pancake does not believe that Kwan is above Pancake.

Right now Pancake Khemanid has the lakorn, “Pleng Ruk Karm Pope” a prime time lakorn after the news that just aired but is recieving high tides and currents…

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