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Kat Denies Signing Contract With Channel 7 and Role In Fah Jarod Sai

More Kat English news! Gravy! Ok, so now it’s being rumored that after her contract with Grammy has ended Kat has signed a contract with Channel 7. On top of that she has recieved the role in long awaited lakorn, “Fah Jarod Sai” which was rumored to have Aum Patcharapa and Chompoo Araya as the main leads. Rumors were thrown out the window when Chompoo Araya announced her move from channel 7 to channel 3. Now talks are even stating Pinky Savika or Kwan Usamanee may recieve the role. BUTTTTTTT hold your horses! It’s being rumoured that Katreeya English may get the role. Yet Kat herself doesn’t even know about it? LOL Kat 001

Being distant from lakorns for awhile former singer, “Katreeya English” has turned to acting. Recently it has been rumored that Kat has signed a contract with channel 7 to the point where it was said Channel 7 plans to give her Fah Jarod Sai after she says goodbye to grammy.

But this rumor where has it come from. It caused the person herself to reveal,

“Yes I’m very confused about this no one has came to talk to me about it. How come they know before me. I’m a bit confused myself it’s like someone came to ask me have I signed the contract with channel 7 yet. I don’t even know myself.”

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Kat Clears Dating a Caucasian He’s Really, “Christopher” her younger brother

Wow some Kat English news. Lol it seems like the press is pressing everyone to get married now a days!

Kat English

Distant from the entertainment industry for awhile for, Kat Katreeya English. Most recently Kat has fallen to rumors that she is dating a mixed man. Kat herself came out to clear that the young man is none other then her most loved brother

“The thing is I like going places with my brother it feels warm.”

Thus causing people to think thats why you don’t have a boyfriend?

“You go straight to the issue (laughs) right now it’s good.”

Good as in you will have good news soon?

“Not yet (laughs) Good news not yet, but I just went to a friend’s wedding and it was really romantic, but work should come first. Right now I feel that I have the chance to work so it’s better to just work for right now.”

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