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Ripoff of Beauty and The Beast by a Thai Person?

Wow, this story has made it somewhat viral. I am completely appalled by the person who butchered this Disney classic, but I am also appalled by those who are trashing Thailand because of one person or group of people actions. I don’t even think that GM Toons is a real production company in Thailand. There is no news on them at all. You can’t find anything about Erawan Edutainment either. I highly doubt it is a real production because even the Manager article doesn’t clearly state who they are. Meaning they don’t know. If a major news website like Manager doesn’t even know who the distributor are then I highly doubt they are real. Not to mention the fact that the logo in the trailer is a complete rip off of Disney. Even if someone was stupid enough to try and profit off the Disney Classic they wouldn’t be stupid enough to rip off the Disney logo. I am more inclined to be on the wagon with the few hundreds of people who believe that this is a crappy film project by some students. Even Thai netizens are outraged by GM Toons for its actions. Most are also demanding that this production company is sued. The issue is that no information whatsoever can be found on this production company. Thai Netizens are equally appalled as Disney fans across the world and encourage Disney to sue because this does not look good for Thailand’s image. There are some people who are unaware that the rest of Thailand has no part in this mishap. Horrible comments are being made towards Thailand as a country! If you continue reading below after the article translated from manageronline I’ve included some comments fromĀ  manager online. I don’t really give a crap what they are saying about GM Toons, but I don’t like that people are generalizing the entire country over this one group of people lol.

A Thai Animated cartoon is big news on the website in the movies section, but it isn’t something to be happy about. It apears that it exposes a cartoon created by a Thai person. A criticism on how it is plagiarized from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” with little shame.

“The classic fairytale of “Beauty and the Beast” has been told and retold countless times;but there’s a difference between reinterpreting a fairy tale and the outright theft of intellectual property.” The blogger that wrote the column on stated. was the first to find the the trailer for an animated version of “Beauty and the Beast” on youtube “That looks to be a shot-for-shot remake of the 1991 Disney version that was the first animated film ever nominated for Best Picture. The Thai version is done in cheap, computer animation, not the sumptuous and comparable hand-drawn art of the Disney original. But it looks like every character, setting and situation has been lifted whole cloth from Disney’s take” Stated Matt Daniel the author of the post

The Thai version uses the titled, “Beauty and the curse of the Demon/Monster” pretty much is a complete recreation of the original Disney Classic.It seems that the story is being retold from the Disney Classic even the most famous Dance scene that many people vividly remember.

There are very minor differences that can be seen between the two versions. People have stated that the male character who is the prince in this Thai Version has the face of Simba the main character in “The Lion King” another Disney classic. The only difference is that there are horns added which resembles a buffalo the native Thai animal.

The example clip from Youtube has the logo GM toons and Erawan Edutainment as the distributor. Also aside from Beauty and the Beast there are many other Disney cartoons that were remade into Thai versions. Example is Snow White which was created almost exactly the way the original was.

After this news was posted on Yahoo the clip “Beauty and the curse of the Monster” receieved massive attention from people all around the world in only 11 hours. There were up to 800 people who expressed opinions on the clip. Of course most of them were in the negative format. Some people couldn’t even believe that there was such a huge detail replication. Many also believe that it is a mimic of the original as a possibility

Regardless there is a demand from Disney fans to begin a legal process. There are some who express concern for the Thai creator of the cartoon who may have to face a huge issue ahead because Disney is known to be one of the studios that are very highly value their work. They are also known to respond to those who steal their work in the most severe measure through law.

Source: Manager Online &

“I want to curse the person who created this cartoon “Spit” Thai people have brains and creativity to create many good things. But, this company is really horrible. Even the logo GM Toons is almost identical to Walt Disney’s logo. The only thing they changed was the castle to Wat Arun (Arun Temple). They deserve to be exposed.”

“Normally I am a shamless person, but this time I am actually embarassed.”

“Charge them heavily… make it severe..the people who are earning money based on others creativity don’t let them go!”


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